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Uber and Lyft Modify Insurance Policies After Fatal Crash

busy intersection

Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft recently announced changes to their insurance policies following a fatal San Francisco car accident.

The New Years' Eve crash involved an Uber driver who ran over a 6-year-old girl and her family in a crosswalk. Uber initially denied insurance coverage to the family because the driver was not carrying an Uber passenger at the time of the crash.

Sunset Boulevard & Yorba Street: Too Dangerous For Pedestrians?

Pedestrian crash

San Francisco safety advocates say that the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Yorba Street is too dangerous for pedestrians.

Two pedestrians were struck in that intersection last month and locals say that the accident is notoriously dangerous due to speeding drivers.

The first accident involved 78-year-old Isaak Berenson, who was hit by a 71-year-old woman on February 4th. Authorities say that Berenson went through the windshield of Jenny Ching's Toyota Corolla, where his body remained for hours until medical examiner employees removed his body.

Several Injured in Recent Fremont Crashes

Pedestrian crash

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that several people have been injured in recent Fremont-area traffic accidents.

A pedestrian was struck and killed a few weeks ago at the intersection of Washington Boulevard near Olive Avenue. Police say that a 49-year-old Fremont man driving a Corvette hit and killed a female pedestrian who was crossing in a marked crosswalk.

Best-selling toddler toy is dangerous, parents say

Baby Crib

The seventh best-selling toddler toy on Amazon.com has many parents worried after reports surfaced concerning potentially dangerous malfunctions.

Several parents have filed complaints with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding overheating problems with the Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse. Several parents say that the toy overheated and even started to smoke after they changed the batteries.

SFPD: No charges for truck driver involved in deadly pedestrian crash

Pedestrian crash

San Francisco police officers declined to cite a trucker who recently ran over an elderly woman in Pacific Heights.

KTVU reports that a 91-year-old woman was run over on Fillmore and California Street last Thursday around 3:15 p.m. She was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital where she died of her injuries.

"She was pinned under the first wheel on the driver side," a witness told reporters. "When they put her in the ambulance, she was conscious, she was talking."

Intuitive Announces Slowdown of Sales Amid Product Liability Lawsuits


Intuitive Surgical Inc. recently announced that it expects to sell fewer of its da Vinci robotic surgical systems this year.

Reuters reports that company also declined to provide a revenue forecast for the year, a departure from prior practices.

The decline in da Vinci robot system sales comes during a time of increased skepticism about the effectiveness of high-end robotic surgical systems for certain procedures. Intuitive also faces a wave of litigation brought by patients who have been severely injured by the da Vinci robot.

Elderly Man Killed in Parkside Neighborhood Crash

dangerous pedestrian crosswalk

An elderly San Francisco man was killed in a Parkside neighborhood crash last Tuesday.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 78-year-old Issak Berenzon was struck by a Toyota Corolla as he was crossing Sunset Boulevard at Yorba Street.

Berenzon was pronounced dead by officials at the scene. Bay City News reports that Berenzon flew through the windshield of the Corolla and remained there for several hours until the medical examiner came.

California "Bellwether" DePuy ASR XL Hip Lawsuit Settlement

USATODAYLARGER.png The law firms of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger (San Francisco) and Panish, Shea & Boyle (Los Angeles) today reached a resolution of what was scheduled to be the first California "bellwether" trial of a failed #DePuy ASR XL hip lawsuit. The trial in the case which settled today, Ottman v. DePuy, was slated to start on October 15 in San Francisco Superior Court before the Honorable Richard Kramer. The team of attorneys that was to try the case was the same group which earlier obtained an 8 million dollar verdict on behalf of the plaintiff in the matter of Kransky vs. DePuy in Los Angeles Superior Court last March. The terms of the settlement are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed. There are currently about 2,300 cases pending in California and 10,000 cases pending nationally that allege a serious injury caused by the defective DePuy ASR hip. About 35,000 Americans were implanted with DePuy ASR devices between 2005 and 2010 (the date that the ASR was recalled). Doctors and medical device tracking registries, as well as design scientists, now predict as many as 50% of the patients implanted with the ASR will have to undergo a premature second operation, called a revision surgery, to remove and replace the defective ASR. Patients implanted with a DePuy ASR device who have not already retained a lawyer and would like to know what your legal rights are, should call 888.799.3968 or email mdavis@walkuplawoffice.com. The Walkup firm is also representing patients who were implanted with the recalled Stryker Rejuvinate and Stryker ABG artificial hips. Patients implanted with one of these devices who are interested in learning about their legal options should also call 888.799.3968 or email mdavis@walkuplawoffice.com.

Family files $20 million wrongful death lawsuit against San Francisco hospital

Pharma Lab

Federal investigators have concluded their investigation into the wrongful death of a 25-year-old research associate at a San Francisco hospital laboratory.

The researcher worked for the Northern California Institute for Research and Education and conducted his research at the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Authorities push for more fatal pedestrian accident convictions

california pedestrian accident

Earlier this summer a San Jose pedestrian was killed after two trucks crashed at the intersection of Auzerais and Lincoln Avenues. A delivery truck and a dump truck collided in the intersection shortly before 10 a.m. on June 13th.

The force of the accident was strong enough to flip one of the trucks onto a woman who was walking her bicycle. Emergency crews pronounced her dead at the scene of the crash.

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